Hi there, I'm Jon.

Jon Karolczak

Welcome to my E-3 visa guide. I’m an Australian working for a legal technology startup in New York City. I put together this guide based on my experience of moving from Australia to New York in 2016. The E-3 visa process can be confusing at first, but once you break it down it’s very straightforward. My hope is that you can read this guide, get informed and save yourself you some hassle (and more than a few of these moments) when moving to the U.S.

I will note at the outset that I handled the E-3 application process myself. I took this approach because I was applying for jobs at startup companies with little to no familiarity with E-3 visas (or visas generally). If you are applying for roles at large corporations, their HR department should have you covered. That said, it always helps to understand the process so that you can explain it in interviews.

Also, the content on this page is based on my reading and the process I went through to get E-3-approved. I am more than happy to answer questions and assist with documents, but this guide does not constitute legal advice.

So, starting from the top, this guide covers the following items:

Let’s get started with the overview.

Important: The E-3 visa process requires the preparation of a letter of support to be provided at your visa interview. The letter is covered in the Eligibility Criteria section of this guide. If you are interested in obtaining a Word-version template of a letter of support to use in your application, or if you would like me to prepare the letter for you, please contact me.

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