Hi there, I'm Jonny.

Jon Karolczak

I’m an Australian working for a tech startup in New York City.

I created this page to bring together my digital connections in one location. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, they all have their place in my life – LinkedIn for the professional, Facebook for the personal, Instagram for the snaps. But this page is my happy medium.

I want to use it to connect people – you to me, me to you, you to my network and contacts. I love that the internet can make that happen. Anyone who you want to contact, anything that you want to learn, anything that you want to tell, sell, buy or show people – the means to do it are right there in front of you, and it’s only getting more accessible.

This page is my means of connecting. So welcome, get in touch, or if you’re an Aussie who wants to know how to land an E-3 visa, you can read my guide here.